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Fact of the Week

"You haven't tasted beef until you've tasted Grass-Fed. 
When you do, you'll be hooked for life."

Special Events & Catering


All burgers are a quarter pound, served with cheese and come from grass-fed cows raised in Southeastern UT! All buns are by Stoneground Bakery, right here in SLC.

**Gluten Free buns are also available!

Cheese: Cheddar, Swiss or Pepper Jack

*Make any burger “Mo Betta,” smothered in grilled onions. Add $.50


           Better Burger: $ 6.75 – The Original! Topped with tomato, pickle, and cheese

           Blue Burger: $7.50 – Blue cheese and Horseradish blended in to the patty and topped with cheese

           Bacon Burger $7.25 – Bacon chunks blended in to the patty and topped with cheese

           Garlic Burger $7.25 – Minced Garlic and Garlic powder blended in to the patty and topped with cheese


  $6.25 - Made special for Better Burger by Ian Brandt of Salt Lake City’s Sage’s Café and Vertical Diner!  Topped with tomato, pickle and cheese. Add a fried egg to make it even Better!


 $3.25 - Select from the available cheeses and we will grill up a cheesey delight for your little one.


$2.50 - Sweet potatoes are Better! We fry them in coconut oil. You can make them “Mo Betta” with garlic and savory seasoning.


$3.50 - Made with local ice cream from Utah's Farr Ice Cream. Flavors included: chocolate, coffee, vanilla and fresh fruit.


$1.50-3.50 - Variety of cold beverages including: Bottled Water, Izze's, Real Coca-Cola, Coconut Water, Root Beer.